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Lynda T. Boardman
Lynda Boardman is the Director of Children's Ministries for the Church of the Nazarene. She has pioneered several early childhood Christian education programs, including a nursery curriculum for babies' first year produced by WordAction Publications. She has written many articles and several books on early childhood ministry and is a popular conference speaker on the subject. She is the mother of two sons and a former public school teacher who holds the master of arts in education degree.
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1. First Impressions: A Complete Guide for Ministry in the Church Nursery By: Lynda T. Boardman Book 9780834115668 Price: $14.99
2. The Ministry of Teaching Toddlers By: Lynda T. Boardman Book 9780834108202 Price: $9.99
3. So...Who Is a Disciple-maker? By: Lynda T. Boardman So...Who Is a Disciple-maker? CD-3207Click here for the Free Downloadable Leader's Guide (package of 10) Price: $6.99
4. Stephen and the Typhoon By: Lynda T. Boardman Book 9780834135895
5. Tending & Teaching Babies By: Lynda T. Boardman Book 9780834110632 Price: $8.99
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