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Wesley Tracy
Dr. Wes Tracy has been a leader and teacher in Adult Education projects on four continents. He has served the Church as pastor, teacher, author, and editor. Tracy holds five degrees, including two master's degrees and two academically earned doctorates. The former editor of eight Christian periodicals, he has published 1,500 articles and is the author or co-author of more than 20 books including The Upward Call, Here We Stand, and,Reflecting God.
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1. Micah/Obadiah: What Does the Lord Require? By: Wesley Tracy Book 9780834109636 Price: $7.99
2. The Christian's Guide to Financial Freedom: Workbook: Workbook By: Wesley Tracy, BILL MARTIN Book 9780834117976 Price: $14.99
3. Comparative Religions By: Wesley Tracy, Stan Ingersol Downloadable Bible Study BF-11228 Price: $8.00
4. Here We Stand: Where Nazarenes Fit in the Religious Marketplace By: Wesley Tracy, Stan Ingersol Book 9780834117129 Price: $34.99
5. The Hunger Of Your Heart: Finding Fulfillment Through a Closer Walk with God By: Wesley Tracy Book 9780834117051 Price: $14.99
6. Reflecting God By: Wesley Tracy 9780834118676 Price: $7.99
7. Reflecting God By: Wesley Tracy, Steve Harper, Gary Cockerill, Donald Demaray Pupil Book 9780834118669Best Seller! Price: $14.99
8. What Is a Nazarene?: Understanding Our Place in the Religious Community, Revised and Updated By: Wesley Tracy, Stan Ingersol Book 9780834129627 Price: $15.99
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