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Earl C. Wolf
For 17 years, Earl C. Wolf was editor of Adult Curriculum for the Church of the Nazarene, followed by 10 years as executive director of CST (now CLT, Continuing Lay Training) for his denomination. Since his first book was published in 1947, his prolific mind and pen have turned out volumes of material to aid others in Christian growth. He was a contributor to Beacon Bible Commentary. Voi. 3, and in 1983 published the Beacon Small-group Bible Study in the Epistles of John as well as the booklet, After the Launch.
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1. Beacon Bible Commentary, Volume 3: Job through Song of Solomon By: W. T. Purkiser, Earl C. Wolf, A. F. Harper, Milo L. Chapman Book 9780834103023
2. Amos/Haggai Edited by: Earl C. Wolf Book 9780834112476 Price: $7.99
3. Joel/Jonah: The Promise of the Spirit Edited by: Earl C. Wolf Pupil Book 9780834112070 Price: $7.99
4. Luke Part 2: Lessons on Discipleship Edited by: Earl C. Wolf Book 9780834106895 Price: $7.99
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