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Charles "Chic" Shaver
Charles "Chic" Shaver's ministry in the Church of the Nazarene is extensive and powerful. It has included the planting and pastoring of two home churches, full-time evangelism, and preaching in camp meetings and at all 10 Nazarene academic institutions in the USA and Canada. Dr. Shaver has conducted over 700 preaching missions and preached at the headquarters of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. He has taught evangelism in Johannesburg, South Africa; Manila, Philippines; Seoul, Korea; and Moscow, Russia. Presently he preaches across the USA and Canada as a commissioned evangelist.

Dr. Shaver has degrees from Dartmouth College, Nazarene Theological Seminary, and Fuller Seminary. He has written 11 books, and his BASIC BIBLE STUDIES series has sold over 670,000 copies in English and are used interdenominationally.

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Listing of All Products by Charles "Chic" Shaver
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1. A Personal Evangelism Call By: Charles "Chic" Shaver Production DVD DVD-1701 Price: $15.95
2. Basic Bible Studies for New and Growing Christians By: Charles (Chic) Shaver Bible Study - Salvation VE-80 Price: $1.99
3. Basic Bible Studies for the Spirit-Filled and Sanctified Life By: Charles (Chic) Shaver Bible Study - Sanctification VE-91 Price: $1.99
4. Basic Bible Studies,#1,What Happened.... By: Charles "Chic" Shaver Evangelism VE-81 (package of 10) Price: $2.50
5. Basic Bible Studies in Everyday English By: Charles "Chic" Shaver English as a Second Language (ESL) 9780834120587 Price: $5.99
6. Conserve the Converts: A Manual to Help Conserve the Results of Personal and Mass Evangelism By: Charles (Chic) Shaver Book 9780834104112 Price: $9.99
7. Living in the Power of the Spirit, Leader Guide with DVD By: Charles (Chic) Shaver Book S-250LG Price: $25.99
8. Living in the Power of the Spirit By: Charles (Chic) Shaver Book S-250 Price: $19.99
9. Lord, Teach Us to Pray (CD) By: Charles "Chic" Shaver Audio CD CDR-1595 (set of 1) Price: $24.99
10. The Mission of Jesus: The Gospel of John (Chapters 12-21) By: Charles "Chic" Shaver Book 9780834125032 Price: $4.99
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